Eiryss, The Red Riding Hood of Ios! (WIP, Day 2)

Eiryss, the Red Riding Hood of Ios!

I was able to do a bit of painting on Sunday before going to sleep, mainly because I was so excited about working on Eiryss.  I think that she is coming out as my best model yet! 

I was able to lay down the blacks and fine tune some of the details I initially missed the first go around.

Eiryss, the Red Riding Hood of Ios!
You can see the other models in the background looking on.

Even at this stage I was feeling good about the job and scheme. Nary a bit of splash over at this point. Everything is going great.  I’m thinking maybe I should keep the white cloak because this Black/White, Silver/Gold scheme looks pretty good…

But no! The plans were for a little Red Riding Hood of Ios!

Eiryss, the Red Riding Hood of Ios!

Now at this point I nervously start to lay down the reds.  In the pictures it looks a bit orange-ish, but that is P3 Khador Red base after just two thin coats.

Finally before calling it a night, I gave the metallics a wash, the silver getting Badab Black and the gold getting Devlan Mud. When I come back to her, I’m going to give the red a few coats more and attempt to smooth it out best I can.  I have some highlighting and cleaning up to do (don’t I always) and also another idea for finishing the cloak.  Her base is planned out and started but I’ll need my green stuff to finish it completely, so looks like I’ll be waiting on that (arrrgh).

This morning I was reading on Hand Cannon Online’s Getting Started in Warmachine series and they give an example order for painting.  Going forward I’m going to keep this in mind. Any tips are welcome on my way to learning to paint these miniatures professional looking!

Eiryss, the Red Riding Hood of Ios!

This week marks the start of 15 point games in the Slow Grow league and this is the list I’ll be rocking in case you are curious/forgot. Right now at the end of the first phase, I’m 2 for 3 games and am sitting at 10 league points. The top person, however, has 31! All off games.  If I intend on placing at the end of this thing, I’m going to need to start playing a ton more games…


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