Big plans for little Eiryss!

I decided to put down Strakhov for the moment. He is currently table-top ready but not finalized or based. In my last post I stated how I was getting a little frustrated with him (actually more so the paint).  I figured the best thing to do was chill out and try tackling something new.

I’ve had Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios, sitting on my table for a while and I’ve been dying to paint her.  While thinking about how to paint her scheme-wise, I didn’t want her to lean one way or the other between the two forces I would be painting up. I already have an idea how my Menoth will ultimately end up painted, so the only neutral color would be green or blue.  Both of which I find boring. Or Cygnar’s. My idea for Eiryss, I think is just to good to pass up.

Little Red Riding Hood. But more badass, with silver, gold and black ornate armor.  Can’t wait to get started on this one.

Her face was done the first night of our League with the help of the guys. I like it. I’m nervous about doing the pupils, however.  Tonigh I managed to do just some silver. My neck started killing me (has been sore for 2 days now) so I had to stop. Hopefully tomorrow I can get more metallics and some black down.



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