Kommander Strakhov, Day 1 (WIP)

So I have been working on the Widowmakers, but last night I decided to switch gears.  I forgot there is a hobby bonus for a fully painted battlegroup by the end of this week for the league. Since one of my warjacks is done and the other I’m still waiting on, I decided to at least try and get Kommander Strakhov done.  I already had the scheme for the force in mind as you know, but how would I translate that to Strakhov? I didn’t want to go all willy-nilly and end up with an endproduct I didn’t like.  So I took advantage of a lull in my day at work and sketched out my planned scheme. That masterwork is below.

Strakhov test scheme sketch
He's supposed to end up looking something like this...

That was the idea. Did I succeed? Read on to find out…

First let’s start with the face.  You what to start from the inside out right? Or so I’ve been told.

Strakhov's face
Eyes glowing, ready to lay the beatdown at a moment's notice.

I did Strakhov’s face the first night of the Slow Grow League with a ton of help from the other, more experienced painters. It came out alright I think. In my head it was cool to give him the black paint under his eyes like a quarterback, buuuut in execution…not so much. I’ll probably paint over them in the future.

With such a good face done, I hesitantly started to paint the rest of him.

Strakhov with bases colors but no metallics

I laid down the base colors following my plan, still obviously needing the metallics.  So far so good I’m thinking. I like the scheme personally.  Oh word of warning to anyone thinking of painting Strakhov…he is a mutha. He’s tiny (well, they all are) and he has a TON of small details and crevices that are hard to get to or do without a lot of patience and a steady hand.

Strakhov washed

Before retiring for the night, I put on the metallics and gave him a wash with Badab Black in some places and Devlan Mud in others (mostly the golds and reds). This pic was taken while waiting for them to dry. I still don’t feel that I have a good handle on washes or metallics. I give the metallics (silver is P3, gold is GW Citadel) a basecoat of black before puting them down, but they always never seem to taken well. Maybe I just lack the finesse for washes or something.  I’ll check some videos on Youtube or something to see how others do it.

Welp, that does it for day one of Kommander Strakhov. Hopefully after tonight’s Kickball game (our first one [I know right]), I can start to finish him up. I still have layers of white to do to get him to the white I want and much cleaning up to do in order to get him ready for the Portals event on Thursday night.

Also should I try the Marauder instead of the Juggernaut this time? Hmm…


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