First League Night

So tonight was the first night of our league and it was a great time. There are now about 22ish people signed up, with it being clearly 2 Warmachine players to every 1 Hordes player. We all managed to do a little bit of painting and a little bit of playing. I’m excited to finally get started (finally!) on the models I have and start posting them here.

For the first games I played Mike, my Khador (Strakhov) vs his Cygnar (eNemo). I managed to win both games, but they were both hard fought. My Decimator was clearly the MVP both times. Mike managed to wreck my Juggernaut both times and did some big damage on my Decimator the second game but Decimator still managed to squeak by and applied ripsaw to face over and over and over…

I don’t think Strakhov is made for these lower point games. I only was able to get off his feat once since by the time I was able to position him, the warjacks were all ready bunched up into melee, and the only spell I used was Superiority. My Juggernaut was the first to go both games (he was my Superiority target), causing me to have to recast Superiority on the Decimator. Speaking of the Decimator…that warjack pretty much took out both of the Cygnar ‘jacks all by his lonesome. He even managed to escape the first game with barely a scratch. It was his melee, loaded with focus, that got the job done. I only got to use his cannon once in the two games, the beat back effect and damage were good, but the range was hard to work with. I may have to rethink my future lists to find him a spot…

All in all, it was a great pair of games and Mike was very patient with me as I still nail down the details of playing.

I’m really looking forward to the rest of the league and thanks again to the guys for their painting tips and help! Oh and sorry no pictures, I didn’t think primed or bare metal 9-11 point games with minimal terrain would be very interesting to look at.

This is the first post made from my phone. Works pretty well.


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