Khador Warjack WIP

Khador Heavy Warjack (Tukinosk)

This is the first miniature I have ever done. I decided to get a Khador Heavy Warjack to practice on. One, because it was the model that turned me on to the game. Two, because I planned on rolling Khador if I played and it gave me options, and three, because the warjack was probably easier to start out on than a unit of miniatures due to the size.

I received my warjack  and some paints in the mail and do some searching online for best practices and things like that. Like I said, the kit gives you options and I wanted to find the best way to utilize that. In this case, one kit will let you create four different warjack configurations (Khador only uses one chassis for their warjacks). I found several articles online about magnetizing the warjack so you could swap out the parts you needed or wanted to play.

Fourteen rare earth magnets later, I ended up magnetizing the arms and hands. I decided to just stick on the Juggernaut head as it was my favorite of the four and because it would have been a bitch to magnetize (and later keep track of).  I also just glued the waist and legs for stability and added tabletop toughness. With the next two warjacks I have coming in the 2 player kit, I plan on converting one permanently to Torch and the other I will magnetize the same way, but he’ll have a more dynamic pose. Below is the kit assembled and with all the bits.

14 Magnets


The typical (canon) Khador scheme is Red. Lots of red.  That’s cool, I love red. Had red not been the default color (and the color most people paint their Khador), I would have painted mine mostly red as well. They are also very much influenced by WWII Russia and Eastern Europe. With their homeland being a very cold, harsh and unforgiving place, I decided to use that as inspiration for my personal scheme. I am also running Strakhov as my primary warcaster, and as he is the Black Ops kommander of Khador, I came up with the idea that he would strike at any foes using the snow-covered lands as his camouflage. Finally I drew some inspiration from a different source, Game of Thrones. My fiancée and her family are big into the series and I also enjoy the HBO series (purists put down your pitchforks, I would have read the books had I not gotten into this hobby instead). In that series, there are mythical creatures beyond the Wall called the “Others” or “White Walkers”.  This appealed to me as I envisioned a sort of rapid strike force that befell the enemy like an avalanche at a moment’s notice.  Also the mythical part plays into Strakhov’s fluff (the story bits).  His black op exploits have made him feared throughout the Iron Kingdoms.

So I present to you the 616th, Kommander Strakhov’s “White Walkers”! Aaaaaand away we go (after the jump)!

*Editor’s note: Apparently there is a battalion that is mostly white in canon, the “Unbreakable 111th”. That’s cool though.

First I laid down some bases…


My first attempt at washing…I only did the metals as I wasn’t sure how it would react with the paints.

WIP washes

At bit of cleaning up and some more color…

MOre colors and washes

And some freehand and a snowy base to finish it up:

One fist says “Glory”, the Axe hand  says “Might”. One shoulder says “White”, the other “Walkers” (again, the 616th Battalion, Kommander Strakhov’s “White Walkers”). Finally, the black writing is the name of this particular warjack, Tukinosk, named for the Assault Commando Kapitan that Strakhov lost to the Cryx (in the Forces of Warmachine: Khador book).
The base is made up of some rocks from outside (yes actual rocks) and a bit of wood that I found. I washed the rocks with Devlan Mud and glued them down. Next I made a snow base consisting of Elmer’s Glue, Baking Soda, a touch of water, and a bit of white paint. You mix that up and splosh it down on there. Then I dusted it with baking soda again to give it that powdery snow look. A couple of coats of Matte spray and this bad boy is ready to rock.

Here he is on CoolMiniOrNot, please go and vote!

Lessons Learned:

On the next go around, I will definitely take extra time and care to take care of those mold lines. They really seem to come through in the pictures, but in person they aren’t that bad (or so I think). Also I’ll try to thin my paints some more as they are a little thick. That black Khador symbol needs some serious work as well. But all in all, I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. I found out later reading the forums that baking soda can turn yellow from oxidization. Hopefully the sealant with help this and the white paint. If it does turn yellow down the road, I’ll figure out something.

Now on to a hard one, an actual unit…

Sidenote: Please excuse the rush this post may seem it is in. This is my first post and I just wanted to get some content on here to begin with. Later posts will have tons more pictures and information as I’ll be painting/playing/etc with the plog in mind from now on. You can see the thread that I posted on the forums concerning this build and my issues here.


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