Deadzone – Rebs Painting Guide!


Here’s a GREAT painting guide that you could easily translate to any model! Check it out!

Originally posted on DeathWatch Studios:


Here’s a guide as to how I panted up my Rebs Force.

The first thing to say is there were a few basic colours that stayed the same throughout the force; the armour, blacks, reds, metals and leather. So here’s a rundown of how those colours were achieved:


Armour: The armour was painted in the same fashion as my Deadzone terrain. Take a look HERE to see how that was acheived.


Blacks: Basecoat with Abaddon Black

Highlight of Mechanicus Standard Grey with a touch of Hawk Turquoise focussing on the top edge of the folds and raised areas

Highlight of Codex Grey with a touch of Hawk Turquoise

Fine Highlight of Fortress Grey with a touch of Hawk Turquoise

Was of Nuln oil mixed with a bit of Lahmian Medium


Reds: Over the Khorne Red base:

Layer of Mephiston Red leaving the recesses the original colour

Highlight of Evil Sun Scarlet


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Mage is ready to thrown down in the arena!

With the East Coast Rumble coming up this weekend, you’d think I spent my weekend prepping for it. WRONG.

As detailed in a post a bit ago, I’ve recently gotten into playing the board game Mage Wars. Mage Wars is technically a card game at it’s core, but leaving well enough alone is not how I roll. In Mage Wars, you’re able to completely customize your spell book and also your mage with different kinds of equipment.  What does that say to me right away?


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How to: Reaper Hydra with Marsh Base


More basing tutorials!

Originally posted on MGM Painting:

Here’s how I did the Reaper Hydra with a marsh base!

1. Clean mould lines, boil, dry fit while cooling to reduce gaps.

1 boiled and dry fit so less gaps when cooled

2. Prime black

2 primed black

3. Paint the scales on his back VGC Jade Green, highlight with mix of Jade Green and RMS Linen White.

3 back scales VGC Jade Green and RMS Linen White

4. Wash back scales with Army Painter Blue Tone ink. In this picture the left has not been washed yet.

4 wash army painter blue tone ink

5. Paint the rest of the hydra VGC Falcon Turquoise.

5 vgc falcon turquoise

6. Wash with GW Nightshade.

6 wash nightshade

7. Next it was time for the faces – which there are a ton of!

7 mouths

8. Build the bases.

8 build bases

9. Paint the bases when they are dry.

9 paint bases10 paint bases11 paint bases12 wash bases camoshade13 drybrush fow camo shade

10. Add stumps to bases.

16 add stumps

11. Finish the faces and assemble the Hydras!


12. Paint stumps.

17 paint stumps

13. Add grass.

18 add grass

14. Add water effects mixed with Flames of War Camo Dark Green paint, also mix in GF9 Marsh blend flock to “gunk” it…

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Crackle Plaster is easy…


A simple way to make some crackle bases! Check it out!

Originally posted on The Monk's Cave:

What is Crackle Plaster?  It is a plaster that is designed to crack when it dries.  I wanted to try this because I have always wanted to rebase my High Reclaimer list.

IMG_20140309_184822470Here it is.  I got it at Micheal’s.  It is easy to track down coupon that give 45% or more, off the perchase of one item.  A game company has a similar product. What I got for under $10 would have cost me over $80 from the high priced brand.  After doing over 40 bases, I still have way over 80% of the tub left.  I am pretty sure you could do 200 to 300 base with this tub…

First thing is to fill in the base slot in the 30mm and 40mm bases.  I used masking tape.  Trimmed it up with a good knife.

The it is time to play with the mud.  Just take a craft…

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Nova Open 2014 Banner

The Road to the Capitol Palette and Nova Open has begun…

Last week I put out a poll and asked for suggestions for a model to paint and enter in the 2014 Nova Open Capitol Palette/Crystal Brush.

In the end there were 2 clear front runners (which a seemingly last minute push for the Deathjack to tie it for second place) between the Dark Eldar’s Razorwing Jetfighter and the O-Yoroi TAG from Infinity.

I called an audible.  So what did I end up going with?

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Gearing up for the East Coast Rumble!

A crew of our locals are hitting the road in the a couple weeks!

We’re heading to the East Coast Rumble in New Jersey, this April 11-13!  A lot of the New Jersey guys come down to the Nova Open so it’s high time we paid them back by heading to their shindig.

Here’s a listing of the events. What events do I plan to compete in?  What lists am I bringing?  Why can’t adults see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

All those questions, except the last one, is answered after the jump!

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Of Netrunner, Mage Wars, video games, and distractions…

We here in the DC Metro area have had more than a few snow days this winter season.  For those unfamiliar: things basically shut down.  Offices close, roads close, no one really goes outside their homes.

Now I don’t mind a snow day.  I have plenty to keep my mind occupied and keep me from going stir crazy.  There’s always some video game to play, or some model to paint.  But these are pretty singular activities.  I’m not much of a TV watcher anymore, so this holiday season I started to look for stuff my wife and I could do together.  And to be honest, my painting motivation has been pretty low lately…So what’s been stealing my attention?

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Painting Tutorials Online (YouTube Links)


Great stuff here!

Originally posted on Tangible's Day Off:

In this miniature hobby-world, there are three kinds of people:

1. People who want to paint, and even enjoy it, but don’t have the entire skill set to achieve their preconcieved goal.

2. People who love to paint, and will do anything to get their hands on a hairs-glued-to-a-wooden-stick that is dipped in emulsified pigment.

3. People who hate painting and won’t do it ever.

Sorry, I can’t help those of you who fall into #3. But, for those of you who are #1 and #2 people, I’ve located a series of  YouTube videos that may inspire, inform, and interest you to pursue the wonderful world of technicolorizing and modeling your pewter/plastic miniatures.


How to Paint Miniatures: Complete Painting Tutorials link
The Basics: Painting Segmented Tutorials link
Airbrush Basics: Tutorials & Techniques link
Bases & Terrain: Designs & Ideas link
Cast Fantasy Miniatures Using Rubber Molds link

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But time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time…


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